You can see it on the following screenshot:

List of files to convert

Button just below the list control shows you basics of Batch List functionality. Thus, you can:

Add files to Batch List

Add Folder to Batch List

Useful tip Note: Adding folder to Batch List means that all music files supported by Protected Music Converter will be found in this folder and its subfolders and added to Batch List.

Useful tip Note:When there are more than few files being added to Batch List and process takes some time following dialog appears:

Scaning audio files to add for conversion

You can press Stop button here to stop adding files (all files already added to Batch List will remain there). You can also press Cancel button, adding process will be stopped as well but all files already added to Batch List will be removed from there.

Remove files from Batch List

When you are done with adding files and have your conversions set up, you can start converting your files. Use Start conversion of music button on main toolbar to convert all files in Batch List or use context menu command [Convert selected] to convert only those files which are currently selected.

To stop conversion process press Stop conversion of music button on main toolbar or use [Edit|Stop conversion] main menu command.

Playing audio files from Batch List

You can play original and converted files for each task in Batch List:

Useful tip Note: There are few tricks making your work with Batch List easier, you can:

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