Install latest version

Before we can start you need to download and install Fast Audio Converter. Both Windows and Mac OS X systems are supported. Download latest version according to your system.

Start converter

After installation you need to start Fast Audio Converter

Add FLAC files

Now you need to define FLAC file(s) you want to convert to MP3. As Fast Audio Converter supports batch conversion you can add on or more FLAC files for conversion. Also you can add the folder which contains FLAC files. There are some ways to add file(s):


FLAC file has been added. And you can look through it's tag information and correct it if you need.

Output MP3 settings

Now you need to to choose MP3 format and its settings. The most commonly used settings are predefined already. You can select one of them. Or you can specify custom.

Output folder

Also you can specify the output folder. All converted MP3 files will be placed to this folder.

Start conversion process

Now everything is ready to convert your FLAC files to MP3. Press the Start button start the conversion process. Have a rest while program is converting FLAC files to MP3 format.

Conversion completed

To locate converted MP3 file right click on it in the list and press Locate converted file in appeared context menu.

Program saves settings for MP3 format and output folder. Thus, at next time there is no need to specify them again. Just add your FLAC files for conversion and press Start button.