Output folder

Use this option to adjust the directory where the converted files will be placed to.

If you select the Convert to the source folder option, files will be converted to the same directory as the original files. Otherwise you have to indicate this directory manually or press the button and select the required directory in the appeared dialog.


With the help of this parameter you can choose appropriate samplerate of output MP3 file. You can choose from 32000Hz, 44100Hz or 48000Hz.The default value of this parameter is 44100Hz.

Channels mode.

With the help of this item you can choose one of the next channels modes of encoding - Mono, Stereo and Joint Stereo

Variable Bitrate.

You can enable VBR mode by checking Variable Bitrate check box. You can select here appropriate bitrates for encoding and set VBR quality. Minimal and Maximal Bitrates determine variable bitrate bounds, and Average Bitrate determine averaged bitrate in output file.

Note: The higher bitrate you select - the better quality of sound you get. High bitrate also mean large size of an encoded file.

VBR quality sets quality level from 0 to 9, where 0 is the slowest with best quality and 9 is the fastest with poor quality. If VBR mode is disabled,a Minimal Bitrate value is used for encoding.


If you need to normalize your song (i.e. to make your song with equal sound level) enable the Normalize option. To set up the normalize settings press Normalize settings button.