At the upper edit box you may manually enter pattern(mask) you prefer to use. You may add items {TITLE}, {ARTIST}, {ALBUM},{YEAR}, {GENRE}, {TRACK} quickly using "Add" button. To add specified mask to the list press Add mask button. Delete selected mask from list with Remove mask button.

Now we will show in details how the program extracts tag information from filename using existing list of masks. At first, it attempts to compare first mask from list with the filename. On success it extract needed information and write it into tag fields. Otherwise, it continues with next mask, and so on. Using Upper and Lower buttons you may change an order of mask in the list.

Extraction applies automatically to those files that are specified in the lower combobox when these files are added to the file list.

If the option Overwrite existing tag is enabled program will write the extracted tag filed anyway. Even this filed is not empty. To avoid id you need to disable this option.